The World3 Variables Mnemonic

Mnemonic for the World3 Model Variables

The study Limits to Growth was published in 1972.

The key prediction of the Limits to Growth study was that BAU (Business as Usual) = collapse in 21st century.

They used a model called World3 to study key interactions between variables for global population, birth rate, mortality, industrial output, food production, health and education services, non-renewable natural resources, and pollution.

It will serve us well to be able to walk through all of these variables above, but memorizing such a list often poses a challenge for busy friends of the SPC.

To help, we’ve created a handy mnemonic that you can use to impress your spouse, friends, boss, or any wandering Public Policy Decision Maker Slash Stakeholder you happen to encounter on your sojourn through life.

Variable NameVariable MnemonicPsychological LinkEmoji
Global PopulationGiantThe global population is in fact giant.
Birth rateBabiesPretty self-explanatory
MortalityMeowingCats have nine lives
Industrial outputInsideMost factories have four walls and a roof
Food productionFrankfurtThe frankfurter = hot dog
Health and educationHospitalHospitals can sometimes restore your health points
Non-renewable natural resourcesNowThe world’s economy now runs on non-renewables.
PollutionPounceAhhhhh we got nothin.

The mnemonic is thus:

Giant Babies Meowing Inside Frankfurt Hospital Now Pounce!

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