Issue Map: Resiliency

Resiliency Aug 19, 2021

The Map

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What is this thing?

This is an issue map - just another tool for helping reduce the complexity of public affairs. Read our full description of the concept here, and see the full technical guide here.

Tips for Navigating the Map

By default, the policy map is currently filtered on just the "hub" item of the overall issue. Use the plus and minus buttons on the right to expand and contract the number of degrees (think Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon!) to find various things that are connected to this issue. You'll find a terminology below.

You'll also find a "zoom fit" button to automatically fit the map to the current screen size. Hover over any element to highlight that element and its direct connections.


People: An individual social or political leader.

Organization: A group or entity relevant to the US political and social landscape.

Issue: A particular area of concern to the overall topic.

Strategy: This is the most abstract category on the legend. In short, we're trying to answer the question "What do they do, actually?" This could range from "Publish white papers" to "run educational programs" to "chain themselves to oil pipelines" to "push XYZ legislation".

Legislation: Any particular piece of legislation or regulation relevant to the issue.


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