Is Ron DeSantis Raising a Secret Police? No, it's just another example of our complete and dismal failure to prepare for the disasters to come over the next 100 years, because of money!

Resiliency Dec 3, 2021

The Buzz

CNN reports:

DeSantis proposes a new civilian military force in Florida that he would control
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to reestablish a World War II-era civilian military force that he, not the Pentagon, would control.
The headline for our times!

Democrat response: "FASCISM!!!" Tugs up their weighted Robert Mueller anxiety blanket and checks Facebook.

Republican response: "It's just 200 people and California has it, and California is LIBERAL! Cry more, libs." Spends next 30 minutes looking at Fox articles on know, for the articles...

The Reality

Here's what the "Jeb Bush of Donald Trumps" governor proposed in his budget:


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